5 Tools Everyone In The Real Estate Industry Should Be Using

As real estate professionals it’s hard to manage properties and clients, stay productive, be organized and on time to every appointment. Every day new challenges appear and it’s hard to deal with everything.
If you are an agent or a real estate professional, here are some tools that can help you manage your time and resources in order to increase your productivity:
·      Roomscan: this app allows you to record and measure floor plans of your properties. It measures with precision through an augmented reality scanning, and allows you to export image files for free.

·      Docusign for real estate: this software can help you manage data and documents, and it offers tools like document encryption, e-signature and regulatory compliance.  This tool will help you manage all aspects of your real estate transactions, it’ll save everyone in your office a great amount of time and it’ll make you look more professional.

·      Dotloop: it’s an app for online transactions, tasks management and productivity optimization, aimed at real estate agents. It’s a friendly app where you can access your transactions from any device.

·      Spotio: it’s one of the best marketing tools for real estate agents, especially the ones that apply the marketing tactic known as “door-knocking”. It helps you to add prospects information and notes, and export to excel or PDF. It’s the ideal tool for follow-up.

·      Inlete: the software for managing and controlling your real estate projects from the start is a must. It’ll help you control your budget, incomes and expenses, and will generate visual reports. It’s the ideal software for teams and real estate management.  If you want to know more about the features of Inlete visit: www.inlete.com
These are some useful tools you must be using. They will really help you increase productivity, save time and be more organized having control of everything.
What other real estate tools do you rely on to make your job easier?

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