15 Best Blogs To Follow About Real Estate

Commercial real estate is more competitive than ever. The way CRE professionals do business is constantly changing thanks to shifting trends, the up-and-down economy and the rapid-fire release of new technologies.

The world of CRE is evolving. And the big question is: Will you evolve along with it?

How do you evolve? You learn.

In the old days, that used to mean reading books and gambling big bucks on experts and seminars who promised you The good news is that access to those big, bold ideas and innovations that are changing the way we do business are available to anyone.

I’ve found there is some really great out stuff there if you know where to look. I’ve saved you some valuable browsing time and compiled a list of the best (in my humble opinion) commercial real estate blogs in cyberspace.

Duke Long

Authored by the broker/owner of The Duke Long Agency. Long has a voice and sense of humor. He also has opinions and he’s not shy about sharing them.

Sample posts: “We All Now Live In The Commercial Real Estate ‘As A Service’ World” / “Can I Take You To The Real #CRE Promised Land?”


Urban Land Institute

Less a blog than magazine page for the Urban Land Institute, the site provides a worldwide perspective on issues such as development, sustainability, and more… including their market trends reports.

Sample posts: “Which U.S. Commercial Real Estate Sectors Might Be Nearing Oversupply?” / “Six Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch for What Remains of 2016”

Location Advice

Location advice for California businesses from Allen C. Buchanan. Despite the focus on site selection for a specific region, his ideas and advice are absolutely applicable to a wider commercial real estate audience. Especially helpful are his “Tuesday Traffic Tips,” low-tech videos Buchanan shoots while stuck in traffic.

Sample posts: “Are you Getting the MOST from your Commercial Real Estate Broker?” / “Are You Focused on the Tip of the Iceberg?”

CRE Outsider

Tech news and trends for the commercial real estate industry with a side of humor. As the name suggests, few punches are pulled here. Also good source for sales and marketing tips. NOTE: Although an update states that the site is “taking a break from posting as of July 2016,” there is still plenty of good info in the archives for a first-time visitor.

Sample posts: “How Good is CRE Big Data?” /  “How Much Does LoopNet Earn?”

CRE Tech (now Propmodo)

This blog focuses on commercial real estate technology. According to the site, CRE Tech curates stories to helpfully “eliminate hype” and help CRE pros “uncover the value propositions” of new technology.

Sample posts: “5 Steps to Create Loyal Tenants with Smart Building Technology” /  “Xceligent Launches Digital Tour-Book Product for CRE Tenant Brokers”

blueprint CBRE

Online magazine on commercial real estate topics presented by CBRE. According to the site, the goal is to present “stories informed by urbanists, academics and big thinkers around the world.”

Sample posts: “The Butterfly Effect: What Macro Factors Should Matter to Commercial Real Estate Investors” / “How Robots Are Changing Warehouses Worldwide”

SharpLaunch Blog

SharpLaunch is a software company that supplies a “full-feature digital marketing platform for commercial properties.” Their blog has lots of great CRE marketing and sales content, just be aware that they are, ultimately trying to sell you something.

Sample posts: “Commercial Real Estate CRMs: The Ultimate Guide” / “Is Augmented Reality the Future? What CRE Marketers Can Learn from Pokemon Go”

Property Metrics Blog

PropertyMetrics is also a CRE software company that deals with the financial side of real estate. If you like numbers and spreadsheets and the kind of deep-dive, super-complex commercial property math that is responsible for 98% of CRE jumps to residential real estate… you’ll LOVE this blog.

Sample posts: “How to Analyze Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Projects” / “Prescriptive Easements: A Comprehensive Guide”

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 1.50.12 PM.png

Apto Blog

One more CRE software company blog… Apto provides a CRM system for commercial real estate businesses, but they also publish some informative, easy-to-digest and ultimately worthwhile content.

Sample posts: “5 smartphone apps every CRE broker needs to use” / “The SoHo effect and the importance of market expertise”

Knowledge Leader

The web home of Knowledge Leader, a magazine published by Colliers International. The archived articles and posts cover all aspects of the CRE industry.

Sample posts: “The Winning Retail Strategy” / “Running to Keep Up with the Growing Fitness Industry”

CRE Radio & TV

A site full of podcasts, articles and videos featuring interviews with CRE influencers. While the video is production usually never rises above “two guys and a handheld microphone,” it’s an easy way to get some great insights and opinions. Also, when it comes to online videos, these are probably better for you bottom line that anything with cats or Will Ferrell.

Sample posts: “Will Building Sensors Customize Your Building for You?” / “Commercial Real Estate Bankruptcy – What You Need To Know”

JLL Real Views

An easy-on-the-eyes online publication from JLL that focuses on innovation, sustainability, workplace, urbanization, and architecture.

Sample posts: “Bedrooms to showrooms: Blurring the boundaries between hotels and retail” /  “Why real estate needs to wake up to the circular economy”

NAIOP – Market Share

An offshoot of the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, Market Share is a consistent source of quick-read articles on CRE topics. NOTE: some of the posts are snippet interviews or previews of topics covered by an upcoming NAIOP conference, followed by a light prompt to “register for more.” Still worth a read.

Sample posts: “Mega Trends: Preparing for the Future of CRE” / “Keeping Up with the Growing Senior Living Sector”

Lands of America

Presented by the publishers of LAND magazines and operators of an online land search website, this blog still presents some worthy information in the relatively anemic field of rural real estate. In addition to practical matters, there are also lifestyle pieces and, of course, a search for available land is always only a click away.

Sample posts: “How Much is an Acre of Land Worth?” / “What You Need to Know When Selling a Farm or Ranch”


Rethink Rural

Similar to Lands of America, Rethink Rural is backed by a land selling company called Raydient Properties + Places. Again, it’s worth checking out for some really useful tips and tricks when it comes to selling and buying rural properties. Part of their mission (besides selling land) is “to educate future land-buyers about the land-buying and land ownership process.”

Sample posts: “Putting Wood to Work: How to Repurpose What You Clear” / “How investing in land pays off”

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